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2.28.11 Connections Academy Virtual School in Partnership with Sperry Public Schools Comes to Oklahoma – Approved to Open for 2011-2012 School Year

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1.28.11 The Rise of K-12 Blended Learning

1.26.11 Online Learning Set for Explosive Growth as Traditional Classrooms Decline

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10.14.10 RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

10.12.10 Online Learning - "Excellent" rating for Connections Academy

10.11.10 Enrollment rises at online charter schools

10.04.10 Online classes growing in popularity among Utah students

9.28.10 Students and parents give high marks to online academy in Nevada

9.27.10 Online education evolves as advances in technology make major impact

9.07.10 SF charter school combines traditional, online ed

9.01.10 Nevada Connections Academy Receives  State's Top Virtual School Rating

8.31.10 First virtual school in Mass. opens Wednesday

8.29.10 Virtual School Great Option For Some Students

8.29.10 Public schools catch online fever

8.28.10 E-schools offers flexibility, backers say

8.26.10 Growing Number of Students Enrolling in Online Schools

8.25.10 Choosing online schools

8.20.10 Military to Debut Virtual School

8.11.10 Video: Susan Patrick on Why Online Learning Works

8.09.10 Bill Gates: Online Education is the Way of the Future

7.09.10 Recently at Katrina's Silver Lining - The School Choice Revolution in New Orleans

1.29.10 E-Learning Seeks a Custom Fit