Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Working Together Has Advanced in Colorado’s Online Community

In September 2009, the Independence Institute hosted a podcast on how the Colorado Cyberschools Association (CCA) and the Colorado Coalition of Cyberschool Families (CCCF) collaborate and how that collaboration enhances the online education movement in Colorado.  Please listen to the interview with president of CCA, Judith Stokes, and myself, president of CCCF: ivoices.org Podcast Working Together to Enhance the Cyberschool Experience.

Here’s another shout out about CCA and CCCF as both organizations continue to work together in an effort to provide opportunities for Colorado’s cyber school families.

“CCA cooperatively assists cyberschools in providing a high-quality education to online students by sharing information about effective online education and program management, promoting studies that improve the quality of online programs, improving access to online programs, working with appropriate agencies to improve enrollment and attendance processes, and collaborating to address geographic issues inherent to online learning.”

Currently, CCA is an organization comprised of 8 diverse multi-district online programs:

Online Program                                                        

Branson School Online                                                       

Colorado Connections Academy                                      

Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA)                                             

Guided Online Academic Learning Academy                              

Insight School                                                                                  

Karval Online Education                                                    

Monte Vista On-Line Academy                                         

This organization has come together as a group of passionate and sincere administrators who share the same mission, “To cooperatively assist cyberschools as they provide a quality education to all Colorado students whose needs are served through online education.” 

CCCF is a group of dedicated parents who have volunteered to be advocates for public cyber schools and online learning in Colorado.  Our coalition organized in 2004 and our vision is to work together with like-minded individuals and organizations to keep choice of public online schools available to our children and to families who are looking for options in public education in Colorado. We will support and defend the rights of all Colorado children to have unrestricted access to online public school options.

In January 2009, CCCF became an affiliate member of this like-minded organization, CCA, and our collaboration has allowed us to communicate and partner to enrich opportunities and experiences for Colorado’s online families.

Through our partnership we have strengthened and broadened our reach to families and we brainstorm ideas in order to continue to provide avenues for our families to share learning and fun as well as make connections with other Colorado cyber school families.

Together, our organizations sponsor several annual events throughout the year including Day at the Capitol, a Red Ribbon Week Celebration, Cyberschool Hike Day, and a summer Park Day. 

The partnership between CCA and CCCF continues to grow and advance in an effort to embrace and enrich the cyber school experience for our Colorado families.